New Pattern: Summer Dusk Cable Scarf

It has been 43,387 days since our country went into lockdown. Atleast, that is what it feels like. While there was a complete curfew, in which we were not allowed to even step out of the house unless for essentials, what kept me sane was knitting. I am so grateful that I had picked up a hobby which was easy to pick up and drop, can be as mindless or as complicated as one wants.

Every day of the tight lockdown, as I wound down from a tiring day, my best part of the day was to sit in the balcony, watching the sunset and knit on this scarf. As the cables on this scarf meandered, so did my thoughts, oscillating between anxiety and panic about the pandemic scare and gratefulness and calmness which the dusk brought. Every time I look at this scarf, it reminds me of the golden light and the tranquility of the summer dusk.

As the world is going through an unprecedented times while we fight the pandemic, my country is going through a particularly difficult time. A disaster in the form of a cyclone hit our brothers and sisters in the eastern states and took away everything they owned. I want to offer this pattern on sale and donate all proceeds to the relief work for the people affected by Cyclone Amphan.

This pattern is on a whopping 50% off for a whole week. If you want to do a bit of good for the cyclone impacted and grab a pattern while you at it, go buy the pattern now. Use coupon code HEAL to get this pattern at 50% OFF.

Summer Dusk Pattern on Ravelry


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