Random Monday

1. The Husband’s Sweater Project is chugging along. I have split the body and sleeves and preparing myself for the imminent never-ending,  boring stockinette. No, don’t get me wrong, I love stockinette. It is mindless knitting which makes it perfect for multi-tasking with TV watching, but I shudder when I imagine how long the body needs to be (tall husband is tall).

2. A shawl design I had submitted for a collection didn’t work out. This was a first for me and I was very low. I learnt a lot of lessons from this experience. Good news is they are ready to publish this design outside of the collection, so all is not lost. But I wonder what they think of me. After all, first impression is the best one and I kind of messed it up.

3. I am switching jobs in 2 weeks time. My current job was great for me as a mother and a knitter. My office was 5 minutes away and I would come home for lunch to spend time with N. Short commuting time meant lot of knitting time at home. Alas, this luxury is coming to an end and I may not find any knitting time on weekdays. You must think I am crazy to quit such a great job, but there are other things to consider in a job than just the commuting time.

4. I have made absolutely no progress on the sewing and quilting front. This reminds me I still haven’t blogged about my drawstring bag.

5. You know the kid is a knitter’s kid when he says ‘Y for Yarn’ while playing the alphabets game. And his friends ask him what’s yarn and he goes on to explain what yarn is and what it is used for. Also the fact that he sees the merry-go-round in the play area and suddenly gets an idea that we can use that instead of the swift to wind yarn.


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