Random Thursday

1. The Husband Sweater Project is moving at snail’s pace. Not because I am bored of the sea of stockinette stitch, but because I am not getting enough time for knitting. Whatever little time I get, I am investing on the new design, so the sweater has taken a back seat. Add to it the fact that summer has set in this part of the world, so I want to be as far away from wool as humanly possible. I am sure it will get done by November. I think. I hope.

2. I started my new job and still settling down in the new place. It has not sunk in yet.

3. For the very first time, I have two designs tested and ready to be released. That doesn’t happen often and I am in a huge dilemma as to which one to release first. Not a big deal, but, you know, first world problems.

4. I am working on a new design as we speak (see note #1) and am super excited about it. It is a shawl that should go with my Punto Hat and Cowl. I love the asymmetric shape, if I say so myself.

5. I have been using Feedly as my RSS reader after Google Reader’s demise (actually I never used Reader, but once it died, Feedly was the talk of the town, so I decided to give it a try and I liked it). I usually catch up at work and during my 1-week break between jobs, I never read Feedly, so I am far behind and need to catch up. The plus point is I get to read posts without having to wonder when the blogger will post again. Case in point: Yarn Halot’s blog: 10 unread posts. Score!

6. On the sewing front, Pony finally stocks Quilting Rulers now and I bought one for myself. I am yet to put it to use, so keeping my fingers crossed that the rotary cutter will now stop being such a pain.


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