2013 in Pictures

On professional and personal fronts, 2013 was about just average. Had quite a few issues on the work and family side, but there were some positives too. Knitting and reading kept me sane all through the turbulence. Here is the year that went by, in pictures.

I finally had a design published in Petite Purls, a magazine which I admire a lot. It is sad that they are closing down.

I followed it up with a design which I was personally very satisfied with. The cables posed a big challenge and I am happy I managed to overcome it.

My second adult cardigan which I was super stoked about.

I designed my very first shawl and organized my first knit-along and had lots of fun!

Participated in the super popular Gift-Along and all of us, designers and knitters alike, had loads of fun.

Here is hoping that the new year brings its share of ups and downs (more of the former and less of the latter, please). Wishing a very happy, prosperous and crafty new year to you and yours.


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