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In Threes

In Threes is a simple, yet elegant cardigan for a little girl.  The male version of this is Wyatt, which I test knit for Kelly and it is equally cute. I had added In Threes to my wishlist and when Kelly saw that, she generously sent me the pattern as a gift.

I had always wanted to knit this for a girl, but didn’t have any recipient handy. After Kelly’s generous gesture, I had to find a recipient to knit for! The victim was my niece, but sizing was a problem. My niece is almost 8 years old and this cardigan runs upto 6T. After some swatching and gauge checking, I chose a yarn and a needle which would give me the size I want with the numbers from the pattern.

Ever since I had a boy, I have been buying yarn in boys colors and the only neutral yarn I had was this red one. It’s a 4-ply acrylic yarn from Surya Emporium. I held it double and with 4mm needles, I got a gauge of 17 sts to 4″. The pattern calls for 19 sts to 4″, which was fine by me because the cardigan will turn out bigger.


I initially planned to do the yoke in colorful stripes, but blame my choice of colors, the yoke turned out messy, so I decided to stick to one color.  I did make some modifications – got rid of the garter ridges on the sides and added sleeves. I guesstimated the sleeve length hoping that I get it right. All the details are on my Ravelry project page. It’s a good thing that I kept notes as I went along because I wouldn’t have remembered anything now – the cardigan was knit last September! I am not too happy with the buttons, but that’s the best I had in my stash.

The cardigan was gifted to the girl during Diwali which she promptly modeled for me. Turns out the sleeves are quite short, they come upto just 3/4th of her arms – so my guestimates are not that good after all. Apart from that, the cardigan fits well – good length and a comfort fit. The girl was happy. I am guessing she would have been happier if I had added a crocheted flower to it to make it more girly.

Pattern: In Threes by Kelly Herdrich
Yarn: 4-ply Acrylic in Red bought at Surya Emporium
Needles: US 6 4mm. Straights for the body and DPNs for sleeves
Buttons: 5 numbers from my stash
Ravelry Project Page



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The RAK Hat

When I took up knitting as a hobby, I never realized it will affect and touch my life in so many ways. Ravelry (for those who don’t know, it is a site where knitters come together and knit and chat and do all sorts of things) has increased my friends circle. I met other talented knitters in Bangalore who motivate me to challenge myself in knitting and who urge me to learn crochet. The local group of knitters, fondly called The Bangalore Brigade, meet quite often, though I miss out on most of the meets. Whenever we meet (invariably in Cafe Coffee Day), we gossip, knit, show off our knitted objects, admire others’ work of art and drool over recent yarn possessions. Some sweet ladies even bring gifts for others. In short, my life is rocking, thanks to knitting and Ravelry.

Another important change that knitting has brought in is to bring together knitters across the world. A group called Random Acts of Kindness on Ravelry is especially responsible for this. It is a group of knitters who want to do small gestures of kindness by fulfilling other knitters’ wishes, knitting-related or otherwise.  Non-acrylic yarn is a luxury in India, so a common wish from Indian knitters is yarn. So, when I posted a wish for yarn around 2 years ago, many knitters sent me packages with yarn. Yarn in all possible colors and hues, in hanks and skeins and balls. The yarn that I used to make this hat comes from the same pool of RAKed yarn. The pattern is a RAK from Terri (Azlynn on Ravelry). No prizes for guessing why I call this The RAK Hat.

I was treasuring the yarn all this while and finally and thought it right to use it for this pattern. The Rushty hat looks cute on Ninad and keeps him warm.  The pattern is quick and well written. The earflaps are made using short row techniques and I thought it was really cool. No seaming, just knitting in round and the ear flaps sit snugly on the ears. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a pattern for kid’s hat.

Three unrelated knitters across the world came together to make this hat possible and that is the beauty of knitting and Ravelry.

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A special gift from a special friend

Things are not going that well with me. I started working on the Tetris baby blanket. I had finished more than 100 rows when I noticed I had goofed up. It kept nagging me and I decided to tink back and correct the mistake. Only when I started tinking that I realized tinking and intarsia is a very dangerous combination. A handful of working yarns, twisted yarns where colors change, tangled yarn and so many loose ends – I ended up tinking more than I intended. What I am left with now is a blanket with 40 odd rows, a big ball of tangled yarn and a heartbreak. I don’t have the heart to look at the blanket, so I have hidden it. I am going to start with a new baby blanket pattern for now and will worry about this failed Tetris blanket later.

Okay, let us look at some positive things. My Ravelry friend, Preeti, ordered the book Knitter’s Almanac twice by mistake and asked me if I wanted a copy. I didn’t have that book in my collection and who doesn’t want a EZ book, right? So she decided to send me this book all the way from Dubai. The package arrived last week. I knew she was going to send me that book in the package but what surprised me were the other things!

There is the book, of course. A self retracting measuring tape, a pack of body lotion etc. in a lovely lavender fragrance and a cute card. What is not in the photo is a pack of Hershey’s kisses. The reason it is not in the photo is because err… I ate all of them! I have an excuse, I have a craving, you see. Thank so much Preeti, you are an angel! How did you know I was craving for chocolates?

Phildar copacabana in such lovely colors. I love the texture of this yarn. It is papery and so soft.

The best of all is this one. Can you see the cute footprints? The photo doesn’t do justice! It was so sweet of Preeti to think of making this for me. It is such a nice gesture.

After the disastrous Tetris blanket, this gift was a great help in lifting my spirits. Preeti, thank you so much for such a nice and touching gift.

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What a wonderful surprise

Who doesn’t like surprises? And what if the surprise package contains colorful, soft and yummy yarn? Even better, right?

Ravelry has a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) group dedicated for just that – RAK. You post your wish list (knitting related and otherwise) for others to see. If someone is able to and willing to fulfill your wish, they will contact you for your address and send it across.

My wish list was simple – all I had asked for is yarn – any kind, any amount. I can only get acrylic yarn here and I am dying to try out some different kind. I was lucky enough to get offers from 6 people! The best part is I don’t know what kind of yarn they have picked out for me.

The first of the lot arrived yesterday. It was a wonderful surprise from LoneStarNeedler. When I opened the box, I screamed with joy. She has picked out a variety of yarn and has even included patterns for them. How sweet!

My first sock yarn and what beautiful colors! I so wanted to try knitting socks.

Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn. Included are two patterns for dishcloths. This the first time I touched cotton yarn and it is so lovely.

Enough yarn to make Surprise Baby Jacket. So thoughtful of her to pick out the pattern and then collect the necessary yarn! The paper in the background is the pattern. I love the colors. It is going to be one beautiful baby sweater.

Nothing like receiving a personal, handwritten note along with a lovely card.

LoneStarNeedler, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful gift. I always dreamt of knitting with ‘real’ yarn and you made my dream come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.