Giveaway Winners

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. I had a hard time picking a name, but when I was googling the suggested names, I stumbled upon the word ‘Dyvest’, which is a take on ‘divest’, but with a Y to denote the Y’s in the cable. So, Dyvest is live.

I ended up with this name after reading the suggestions of staceyknitsit, so we have our first winner. Congratulations Stacey.

And the random generator has shined upon Amanda Kate. Congratulations Amanda!

Stacey and Amanda, please let me know your Ravelry IDs or email IDs so that I can send the pattern.

Thanks for playing everybody. I am giving a copy of this pattern on my group. If you want another go at winning this, please head over to the thread, but hurry because the giveaway will end tomorrow, Jan 26th.


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