Dewdrop Annis

Knitting Shawlettes has been on my goals since ages, but when the year 2012 came around, I officially added it to my ‘Things to accomplish in 2012’. The dainty lace, the drapey fabric, shiny beads, gorgeous colors – there was no reason not to ogle at shawl(ette)s and wish I could knit one just like that. I took part in a KAL where things were flexible: Relaxed time frame, choose any pattern you want, start and end whenever you like (within 2 months of course), so this was the perfect KAL for me.

I chose Susanna’s Annis because it is free, it is a shawlette so will get done in less time and the lace is only at the border which was not that intimidating. Casting on 300+ stitches was not easy. Even with careful counting and placing of markers, I had to cast on thrice to get the right count. I added a row of purling before starting the lace, which I regret now because the lace border has a rounded look and I don’t like it. I replaced the nupps with beads and added beads on every SK2P stitch on the WS row.

My Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Annis by Susanna IC
Yarn: 2-ply acrylic laceweight, held 2 strands
Needles: US 6 4mm

Knitting the lace part was super fun, stitch markers were a  big help. Knitting short rows part was boring and it took me longer to knit than the lace part. Blocking this beauty was the most satisfying step. I used acrylic laceweight yarn and once I steam blocked it, the yarn bloomed and the stitches were more defined. The yarn relaxed, giving a nice drape to the shawlette. It is so lightweight and drapey, I don’t want to take it off my shoulders.

I had so much fun knitting this shawlette and am so in love with the result that I want to knit more of these beauties. Any favorite shawl pattern you recommend for me?


12 thoughts on “Dewdrop Annis

    1. affiknity Post author

      Lisa, I used the lace weight acrylic that is available in Bangalore. It doesn’t have a label, so I don’t have a name. Any acrylic yarn should be fine as long as you steam block the shawl.

  1. Jocelyn Besier

    Hi I am from New Zealand and just doing this shawl but have hit a problem with row 13…….
    I have slip1.k2tog,pl (kl,nupp,k2,yo,s2kp,yo,k2,Nupp,k2) rep to last 7 k1 nupp, k2,yo,ssk,kl
    Is this correct?????
    Can you please help me, thanks

    1. affiknity Post author

      I think Row 13 would be like this:
      slip 1, k2tog, yo, k2, nupp, k2, (k1, nupp, k2, yo, sk2p, yo, k2, nupp, k2) repeat to last 7 sts, k1, nupp, k2, yo, ssk, k1

      There is a very helpful group for Susanna IC’s designs on Ravelry. You can join us on the group for any more questions you may have. Don’t forget to post your gorgeous shawl once you are done.

  2. Jocelyn Besier

    thanks heaps. I actually did work it out myself last night, things looking good although a couple of mistakes, ah well, still happy

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