Davey Hulse took up knitting because he couldn’t keep his hands still and wanted to do something with his hands all the time. He started knitting and was disappointed with the knitting books and patterns, so he decided to write one himself. Did I mention he is blind? His book The Touch of Yarn has instructions and charts in Braille.  Read the full story here.

There are many reasons why this story inspires me. I see quite a few physically challenged people around who want people to take pity on them. There are some who stoop to begging. Amongst all those miserable people, Davey shines through. Instead of sitting in a corner and sulking that he is blind, he took up knitting in his free time. How many blind people do you know who can knit? I know none!

After being disappointed with the knitting books, Davey decided to write his own. He wanted to help other blind people who might get interested in knitting. He did not want them to get discouraged and he wrote his own book to cater to them. It shows how positively he treats life. Instead of complaning and whining that the knitting world does not care about blind people, he is sincerely doing something to change this world in whatever little way he can. Since morning, how many things have you complained about? Weather, traffic, the guy who you almost hit on the way, your work, your boss? And what are you doing about those things? I am reminded of Gandhi’s words – “We must be the change we wish to see in the world”.


2 thoughts on “Inspiring…

  1. Preeti

    Just amazing!! Things like sight that we so easily take for granted and here is someone with such an amazing story. I am truly inspired! Thanks for sharing!!


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