Name it and Win it: Pattern Giveaway

I am back with another giveaway. I have designed a crescent shaped lace shawl for which I don’t have a name. The shawl is knit bottom up and has pretty bell shaped flowers on the edge. I thought of naming it Campanula, but there are too many patterns with this name already. So, dear knitters, please help me name this pattern and you stand to win a copy of this pattern.


Here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your suggestions. You can even tweet, if you want. I am affiknity on Twitter, so make sure you grab my attention if you decide to tweet your suggestions.
2. No limit on the number of names you can suggest
3. If I decide to use the name you suggested, you will win a copy of the pattern, sent to you as Ravelry gift or PDF e-mailed to you.
4. Contest ends on August 30 2013.
5. Winner will be announced once the pattern goes live.
6. As a thank you to the other participants, I will draw a name randomly who will win a copy of this pattern.

Put on your thinking cap and let me know what you would name this shawl.


26 thoughts on “Name it and Win it: Pattern Giveaway

  1. What a lovely shawl! 🙂

    The lace pattern reminds me of awareness ribbons and the color is so yummy. How about
    “Ribbon Candy?”

    Purlescence from Ravelry

  2. Looking at the lace upside down, it struck me that the bells could be little gnome faces with their pointy caps pulled down over their eyes… So I’d name it “Garden Gnomes”. 🙂

    beckyzoole on Ravelry

  3. How about some other pink bell-shaped flower names?
    Wild Columbine

    MamaLemon on Rav

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  5. Belle
    Rapunzel (the character got their name as a derivative of campanula rapanculus)
    Canterbury Belle

    mamma5 on Ravelry

  6. Carillon is my vote: it’s a musical instrument involving a collection of bells, and is very beautiful. There are only two distinct designs of that name (including a picture) on Rav, so it won’t be that common.

  7. Victory – the lace design reminded me of someone lifting their arms in celebration (like finishing a race).
    or how about Carmen? 🙂
    (asimplehomestd on Rav)

  8. I love your new shawl!
    It remaind me of one of my Christmas ‘s decorations!
    You can see it in my Ravelry’s project

    But then I think about a persian lanterns!
    I can’t tell you why I think on it…but I looked in google
    and it came out a Buddhist feast whose name
    is ” Ullambana “….and I love it or it sound good…in italian!

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