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Knitting in Brighton

I am at Brighton at the moment on a work related travel. The weather in Brighton is beautiful: bright and sunny during the day and cooler temperature late in the day. Took a walk down the beach and got to witness the exuberant night life here. Stag and hen parties all around with men dressed up in bikinis was worth a sight. The bikini-clad man did look ridiculous, but that’s the point I think. Have fun while you can, who knows how marriage will work for you, yeah?

While I am sick to the stomach that I am away from home and family for three weeks, I am trying to keep myself engaged with knitting. I am almost done with my lace shawl using the gorgeous yarn SweetGeorgia’s CashSilk. That is helping a little in keeping my spirits high. I am on the last few short rows now and the rows are just getting longer and longer with every iteration. Can’t wait to finish this.

Talking about knitting in Brighton, I was surprised to see Britain’s first woolen hotel is in Brighton.

Courtesy: The Gaurdian

The room looks cozy with the telephone cozy and lamp cozy. The bedspread is umm… epic. I wonder how long it took to knit the curtains! Don’t miss the stockinette print wallpaper! May be I should ask my office to book this room for me, huh?

7 thoughts on “Knitting in Brighton”

  1. Oh goodness that woolen hotel is fabulous! The phone kills me. 🙂
    Sorry to hear that you are away from your family. Glad that you have your lovely knitting to keep you happy.

  2. All of that knitting in that hotel is amazing, definitely a work of art! I love that you are using beads in your shawl. I’m sure being away from your loved ones is hard, but I hope you continue to have fun exploring Brighton and beyond.

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