Giveaway Winner

I hosted a giveaway on my blog for a copy of my latest design which is now named as Aviva. I turned to you all creative people for help in naming the pattern. There were many lovely suggestions and I spent a ton of time going through them, googling for their meanings, searching Rav if any pattern has already used that name and finally I decided on Aviva. Even though nobody suggested this particular name, what led me to it is Danielle’s suggestion ‘Primavera’. When I was googling this word, one of the websites listed ‘Aviva’ as an alternative word and that caught my eye.

So, here are the winners:

1. Danielle for suggestion ‘Primavera’ which led to me to ‘Aviva’

2. Rosebob: randomly chosen winner
Congratulations both of you. I will contact you both soon.

Thanks for participating everybody.

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