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Name it and Win it: Pattern Giveaway

I have a new design for a woman’s spring cardigan coming out in the next couple of days. While zeroing in on the yarn, colorway and the lace pattern was easy and even though knitting the prototype and grading was relatively difficult, what has me flummoxed is what to call this design. I had a lot of help from you guys the last time around when I couldn’t find a suitable name for my summer tee design, so I am turning to you all again for help.

This spring cardigan is intended to be worn open, though the lace is so stretchy, you could shut the cardigan close and fix it with a pin. It has a very different construction and a very delicate ribbing to complement the lace. See the pictures for inspiration and let me know your suggestions. There will be two winners this time. Read on for details.

Here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your suggestions.
2. No limit on the number of names you can suggest
3. If I decide to use the name you suggested, you will win a copy of the pattern, sent to you as Ravelry gift or PDF e-mailed to you. You will also be credited on the Ravelry pattern page.
4. Contest ends on March 25 2011.
5. Winner will be announced once the pattern goes live.
6. As a thank you to the other participants, I will draw a name randomly who will win a copy of this pattern.

40 thoughts on “Name it and Win it: Pattern Giveaway”

  1. Soft Summer Waves Cardigan. I think it is a beautiful design and would love to knit it up for my daughters. I am Closeacademy on Ravelry.

  2. What a wonderful pattern, a lovely item for the summer indeed. Both elegant and simple, I love it! Perhaps even more because it is in blue, I am a sucker for blue!

    Right this moment I am eating my first kohlrabi of this year, which I eat a lot during the summer. And I can’t wait for the spring and summer to arrive so therefore I would like to call this pattern Brassica, that being the Latin name for the family of plants that are related to the kohlrabi. I had to look this up on the Internet, but doesn’t all things in Latin sound great?!

    Have a nice weekend all! And best of luck with your pattern designing, ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

  3. I am thinking that “Cancellato” or “Aequoris” would be wonderful names for this cardi. They mean “lattice” and “ocean” respectively… even combine “Aequoris Cancellato” or “Cancellato Aequoris” sound pretty neat.

  4. I think the name ‘Basanti’ suits this cardigan perfect for spring! and, goes along with Tanvi and Sitara in your design collection! 😉 Thank you for the chance to win this pattern. Its a lovely design and I’m really loving seeing you evolve and mature as a knitwear designer. Way to go, Anjali.. may you have more enjoyable designs in the future..

  5. I thought about bluebells when I saw it, and so how about Blue Belle? But then I thought about blue gem stones and so it could be a Sapphire. If you go for a flower or gemstone then you can do a whole series of new patterns with names that are related.

  6. Seeing the gorgeous blue immediately brought back memories of the amazing colors used to paint the buildings on the Venetian island Burano. Burano is known for it’s long history of producing exquisite needle lace. The Museum of Lace has an amazing collection of the lace that has been produced on the island. There are few people producing lace these days, but I did see some women working by a window in the museum during my visit. I was happy to see that two of the women were young…hopefully, the art will not die out.

    So, getting back to the name: Burano Blue.

  7. I like “La Camisa Azul” The name just rolls off the tongue, don’t you think? As exotic as it sounds, ‘la camisa azul’ is spanish for “blue blouse/shirt’. The blue colour of your cardigan is one of the colours that I saw in the villages of Spain. Bright, colorful, happy . . .

  8. Beautiful design!!

    My name for your cardigan is ‘Lacey Days’ as it makes me think of balmy Spring and Summer days relaxing in the sun yet wanting to still be dressed elegantly and ‘Lacey Days’ to me conveys that.

    rosebob on Ravelry

  9. That’s beautiful! I’d go with something like Ripples on the Water or Summer Breeze, but I’ll have to keep an eye out for it once you do publish it, regardless of the name… I think I want to knit it for myself!

  10. I was thinking this would be lovely to put on when I go out on the patio with my morning coffee and enjoy the start of the day. Rather like a lovely hug to start the day, therefore, I suggest calling it ‘Abbraccio’ which means ’embrace’ in Italian

  11. A couple more name ideas: “Blue Skies” or “Lacy Days.” (You can tell this sweater makes me think of summer.)

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