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Wonderful Wallaby

Some patterns get very popular in the knitting world and before you know it, every knitter you know is working on that pattern. EZ’s Ferbruary Baby Sweater and her Baby Surprise Jacket are some of the evergreen projects which find new admirers everyday and the project count just keeps going up. I never felt any special pull towards these two patterns, but what did catch my eye was the Wonderful Wallaby. The cheerful and chubby model might have had some hand in pulling at my heart strings, but the pattern itself is neat.

Even though the Ravelry pattern page says this is available for US $7, there is no way you can buy it online, even if you are willing to shell out that money. The pattern is carried only by LYSs, so there was no way I could get a copy. I had lost my heart completely for this pattern, so I had to have it no matter what. RAK group on Ravelry came to the rescue and a wonderful knitter sent me the scanned pattern.

The pattern is nothing like the ones I have seen before. It does not follow a format and does not have sections like ‘Gauge’, ‘Materials’, ‘Yoke’ etc. It is written in conversational style as if the pattern creator is chatting with you over a cup of tea. There are hand drawn pictures of kangaroos knitting which adds to the pattern’s charm.

The pullover is knit from bottom up. Body is knit upto yoke, sleeves are knit separately and then joined and decreased to form the yoke. There is a group dedicated to this pattern, Wonderful Wallaby KAL, where there is an ongoing KAL and people can join whenever they want. This group has a wealth of knowledge on Wallaby. People have pooled in their modifications, tips, errata they found in the pattern and are always eager to help a newbie out. Some veterans on that group have made multiple Wallabys and are experts on this pattern.

I used the group as a resource and made a lot of modifications myself. I used seed stitch border instead of garter stitch. There is a kangaroo pouch (hence the name Wallaby) which I knit seamlessly, following a fellow knitter’s helpful instructions. My pullover turned out big (I started this in that ancient era where I used to be a bad girl and did not swatch, ha!), in fact so big, that even though it is a year since I knit this, it still does not fit N. I am hoping it will atleast be useful come next winter.

N is thrilled that it has a pouch and that too, an open one in which his hands meet. He is making plans on what to hide in his secret pocket.

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby by Carol A. Anderson
Yarn: Acrylic, Worsted Weight
Needles: US 5 3.75 mm

5 thoughts on “Wonderful Wallaby”

  1. This is so lovely! I’ve been searching the pattern, but it seems that it isn’t available at all in the Netherlands. 😦 But I love your Wallaby very much and indeed, as said before: N is adorable! ♥

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