2011, Gifts

Secret Santa

We had a Secret Santa gift exchange in our Ravelry group. This was my first crafty Secret Santa, so I was nervous how I would do. I wanted to make sure I pick things that my giftee would like and appreciate. I did a lot of post-stalking and went over her questionnaire with a fine tooth comb and made a list of things she likes and does not like. Armed with this list, I headed over to Staples which has become my favorite destination for crafty and stationery shopping. I spent a good one hour in shopping and sorting and I finally had my gift package ready.


Blocking pins, a notepad, some paper clips and pins in a magnetic box, post its and a crayon pen, stamping block and glitter for my swap partner’s daughter. I also packed some chocolates for the little girl. And since no gift package for a knitter is complete without yarn, I included a skein of luscious, duke silk yarn.

I am really happy my partner appreciated the things I picked for her.

And for my gift! This is what I received from Vinita. She put so much thought into this gift that she has sent me everything I needed. She must have done some serious post-stalking and research on me.

She sent yummy Knit Picks yarn in a lovely shade of green, a DIY photo frame calendar, lots of cute buttons, a box to hold my button stash (seriously, how thoughtful can someone be!) , a notepad, a handmade card and toys for my three year old. I opened the box and took out one thing after the other and exclaiming every time ‘oh wow, oh wow’. I was breathless by the end of it and if Vinita was around, I would given her one bear hug.

My first crafty Secret Santa was a huge success. I played Santa to someone and made her happy and was blown away with the thoughtful gifts from my Santa. Cannot wait for the next Christmas. Too bad the wait is too long!

4 thoughts on “Secret Santa”

  1. Hey, how come I didn’t see this blog entry earlier ? Thanks for being my secret santa ! Have a very happy New Year !

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