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Yarn shopping in Singapore

When we decided to go to Singapore for a vacation, one of the first things I did was to look up yarn stores! As much as I wanted to have fun visiting various attractions, I wanted to experience a real LYS and also add to my ever growing stash. I got all the details from the very helpful Singapore Knitters group on Ravelry and off I went yarn shopping.

  • Spotlight

My first stop was Spotlight in Plaza Singapura. It is very conveniently located: get off at Dhoby Ghaut station and there is an exit which takes you to the mall Plaza Singapura. They have a good collection of yarn. I could spot lots of cotton and blends, bamboo and blends and for warmth, they seem to prefer acrylics over wools.

One of the yarn aisles in Spotlight. Can you spot the swatches hanging?

They had neatly arranged aisles of yarn, swatches knit up with selected yarns, knitting and crochet supplies: buttons, needles, hooks, measuring tapes and lots of books.

 My loot from Spotlight:

Patons Big Baby 4 ply acrylic-nylon blend. I might be considered crazy for buying acrylic yarn when we get it in such abundance here, but this is the softest acrylic I have seen and it is in variegated colors.

Bella Baby Layette, DK weight bamboo-wool blend. It comes in such variety of colors and each colorway is so pretty. I had a hard time deciding what color to buy and I finally picked up these two lovelies. Still not sure what these will become, but I am happy including them in my stash.

  • Golden Dragon Store

My next stop was Golden Dragon Store in China Town. Their website has clear directions but unfortunately, the exit that we were supposed to take was closed down, so it was a long hunt for us until we tracked down the store. Most of the people here didn’t help and the fact that there are two buildings with the same name added to the confusion. The hunt was worth it because this store has such dizzying variety of yarn and supplies that one can easily get lost here.

A yarn aisle in Golden Dragon Store
Beads in all colors and sizes
Buttons, buttons, buttons…
They even had fiber for spinning!
Knitting class in progress. The staff helps out people with pattern instructions and such

And the meager amount I fished from this ocean:

Acrylic-nylon blend, DK weight. I know, I know, acrylic again!

 Sirdar Snuggly Kisses, soft acrylic blend, comes in self striping colors.

Finally some merino!

Sublime 100% merino DK weight. Every color is so vibrant and attractive. I picked this up and hope to make a fair isle vest for Ninad.

Buttons. Noticed the paw buttons?
  • Daiso

My last stop was Daiso, the cheap, Japanese store. This store is worth a visit, not for the yarn, but for the innovative items it sells. I picked up some acrylic mohair yarn and some buttons.

Soft acrylic mohair, comes in subtle hues
Some cute buttons
And some eyes

Visiting a brick and mortar LYS was such a high point of my Singapore trip. I only wish I had picked up some more yarn and supplies. Shhh… don’t tell my husband I said so!

33 thoughts on “Yarn shopping in Singapore”

  1. How long you took for the final decision?? Lovely loot, i love the colours you pick -brick red, yellow n green. and the multicoloured yarn, ofcourse buttons too..

    1. Ha ha, I took a long time. I had a hard time at Golden Dragon because they had such a great variety. I had a budget limit, so could not pick up everything I wanted, but I am happy with my haul.

  2. I am here in Singapore now. Will be here for 1.5 weeks more. Went to Spotlight and Daiso. Now need to go to Golden Dragon. Even I was excited to see so many things in Spotlight. Golden Dragon looks even more exciting. Good loot.

    1. That is awesome. Do visit Golden Dragon. You might have to go hunting for that place, but it is worth it. They have a better variety and you also get to meet fellow knitters and the wonderful staff.

  3. OMG, that was awesome, did you get a good bargain? I recently visited singapore but had to stay at cousin’s place all day and night as my 6 month old wasnt well at all, I did miss yarn shopping..did you get a good bargain?

  4. Next time you come, go to Holland Village Shopping centre, there’s a ‘little uncle’ in a very tiny shop with lots of Sublime. He is very friendly, but opens very late (never before 12:00). You can also go and visit Jane in her shop at Coronation Plaza on Bukit Timah. She has a nice range of yarns and patterns, she is always happy to share her knowledge, and if you don’t mind watching Chinese soap TV programmes, you can take a chair, knit and chat with the regular customers.

  5. May I know which are the shop that I can find 100% wool yarn for kintting. If you can provide me the phone no. will be much appreciate. Thank you.

  6. hi! my brother is in Singapore right now. He is not much into yarns, but he will be making some errands for me. Do you still remember the street name where Daiso shop is located?. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Yoni,

      I am sorry I don’t remember the street name, but your brother should be able to easily locate this shop. It has many branches all over Singapore, so he should be able to find one close to where he stays. Hope this helps.

  7. Hi! may I know the price range of those yarns? I am planning to by for my cousin as a present. Do they also have hooks? Thanks a lot! 🙂

    1. Hi Mitch,

      I am sorry I do not remember the price range, but if I recall correctly, they were pretty much the same that is listed online. Yes, they do have lots of hooks and needles.

  8. Thank you so much for the information! I just moved to Singapore and I love to crochet … I am going to go and check out both shops in the next week! Thank you 🙂 You made my searching easy.

  9. Hey..hi…just wanna thank you for your blog…am at plaza singapura and hopelessly looking for a yarn shop…didn’t bother to check the information desk as I relied on Google better…anyways…managed to find the yarn that I want for my friendship bracelet personal project as Christmas give aways….thanks again…

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