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Name it and Win it: Pattern Giveaway

I have been working on a pattern for a summer tee most of last month and luckily, it got accepted by a ummm… website. The pattern is written out and testing is complete. The yarn has arrived and I am knitting up the sample. Once that is done, I need to send the sample their way so they can get their own modeled photos. What is the problem, you ask? Well, I do not have a name for the pattern. I used ‘Summer Love’ for lack of options, but that name does not convey what the pattern stands for. I have been googling since ages, but I just cannot find a name I like.

So, I am turning to you all for help. Suggest names for this pattern and if I choose to use the name you suggested, you will get the pattern for free, of course, after it gets published.

Some rules, because what is a contest without them:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your suggestions.
2. No limit on the number of names you can suggest
3. If I decide to use the name you suggested, you will win a copy of the pattern, sent to you as Ravelry gift or e-mailed to you. You will also be credited on the Ravelry pattern page.
4. Contest ends on June 26 2011.
5. Winner will be announced on June 27 2011 and the winner needs to get back with contact information.

Here is the first sample I knit when I was writing out the pattern. It is knit top-down with raglan sleeves. It has contrast color inner button band and a fold-over belt on the sleeves. Hope it inspires you to think up of some unique names. Think summer: scorching sun, cool lemonade, green mangoes, beaches and of course, vacation. Time to put your thinking caps on and suggest some names.

26 thoughts on “Name it and Win it: Pattern Giveaway”

  1. “A Tee Cruise” because it reminds me of sitting on the deck of a cruise ship, sipping mimosas on a nice lounge chair by the pool, knitting – of course ;~) … and the excerpt from the song in my head was “.. won’t you let me take you on a Sea Cruise?”

    Indulgence on Ravelry

    BTW – I love this tee!! Top down? On circs? Count me in!

  2. It looks like a child’s shirt and honestly the first name I thought of was “Dump Truck” – my brother’s favorite toy when we were little. Here are a few more though ~


  3. I like the pattern. First thing that popped into my mind was “Made in the Shade.” Will keep thinking about other options. Congratulations on your pattern being published on “ummm…website.” 🙂

    Zowmom on Ravelry

  4. When I saw the colors I thought: “Twist of Lime” or “Blue Skies.” It also reminds me of lazy days beachcombing, so “Beachcomber” or “Sea Glass.”

  5. Beautiful! I love it! Makes me want a vacation.

    * Under the Sea
    * At the Lake
    * Sea Escape
    * Summer Breeze
    * Cool Water
    * Paradise
    * A cool wave
    *Peaceful Sky
    *Cabana boy
    *Crisp Linen

    sch4gators on Ravelry

  6. like the song…
    1.’ Summertime, and the living is easy ‘ …

    or 2. High Tide
    3. Surfs up.

    Roxyrana on Rav.

  7. Hey, this is a lovely pattern – you should be proud. It immediately invokes in me a feeling of being near a cool blue ocean..hence the nautical names below:

    Alluring Azure
    Aqua Ripple
    Cerulean Serenity
    Cool Lagoon
    Crystal Cyan
    Icy Wavecrest
    Mediterranean Mint
    Ocean Splash
    Ocean Spray
    Pacific Paradise
    Seaweed Sublime
    Tropical Temptation
    Turquoise Temptation

  8. My suggestion is

    Summer strand

    According t odictionary strand stands for:
    the land bordering the sea, a lake, or a river; shore; beach.
    a single length of string, hair, wool, wire, etc

  9. Brighton Rock
    Daydream Believer
    Sky Blue Dreams
    Little Boy Blue
    Playin’ the Blues
    Summer Sport

    What a fun pattern!
    Suzy from Scraps of Starlight

  10. Have a few more thoughts…..

    * Set Sail Summer Tee
    * Down by the Water Summer Tee
    * Sun and Sand Summer Tee
    * Toes in the Sand Crop Tee
    * Island Summer Tee
    * Peace by the Sea Summer Tee
    * Looking for Shells Summer Tee
    *Warm Summer Breeze Summer Tee

    Sch4gators RAV

  11. Here are a few more…

    Beach Bumming
    Tee It Up

    And I forgot last time – I’m “PprmntMochaMama” on Ravelry

  12. I like pattern names that make you think of a place where you might wear them. Since you’re a San Francisco enthusiast how about Ferry Plaza Polo? That seems like a good place to buy mangos in the summer.

    Barbara Ann
    Rav = bsmolko

  13. Blue Hawaii
    Easy Living (It’s summer and the living is easy…”)
    Cooler by the Lake (Here in the Midwest, we seek out the lakes in the summer as a respite from the heat; and coincidentally often bring a cooler filled with summertime food and drinks to enjoy!)

    lindaran on Rav

  14. I’m late to this party. What an adorable tee! I love all of the details and congratulations on this design getting accepted for publication!!

  15. Even though I’m a month too late–LOL–Since it’s a web publication~Tabbed Summer Surf Sweater (“tabbed” as in actual tabs on the sweater and tabs on a web browser), (“surf” as in ocean surf and to “surf” the web).

    Best wishes with your design!

    Kelly (angelsunawares @ Ravelry)

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