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I won!

I rarely win a giveaway contest. That does not discourage me from entering though, so I entered indigodragonfly’s anniversary contest and kept my fingers crossed. Five skeins of yarn of your choice and a cute hand bag – who wouldn’t want to win that! I left a comment and forgot all about it until I saw a mail from Kim telling me I had won.

All this happened way back in September 2010. Kim promptly mailed me saying she has mailed the package and it would be a long wait until it arrives here. I waited patiently and the pages in the calendar turned and it was November. Two whole months and the package was no where in sight. I called up the foreign post office and the customs office and they had no clue. I didn’t have a tracking number and it just made things more complicated.

Come January and I had lost all hopes of seeing that package in this lifetime. I would still dream of holding that yarn in my hands and giving it a friendly squish, but the real package was non-existent. I imagined the evil wife of the customs officer looking at my package and exclaiming ‘Yarn! And such lovely yarn. Surely, I can keep it for myself.’ I imagined her batting her eyelids and seducing her husband to give in to her evil plot. I cursed her and the officer every time I thought about the yarn and that’s the best I could do.

In short, I accepted the bitter truth that the yarn is never going to make it home and that’s when I got a letter from the customs office asking me to pay duty on a package from Canada. The letter was posted on Nov 9th and it arrived a good two months late! I hurried to the office the very next day (because I couldn’t go the same day, the office was closed by the time I read the letter) and paid the bribe duty and was rubbing my hands together to get hold of my package. The officer politely told me that they can’t handover the package unless it was an emergency. But, don’t you see, this was an emergency – I had waited for 4 months and when I could finally feel the heavenly softness of the yarn, you are telling me you can’t give it to me? The officer did not think so and he asked me to wait until the post office decided it was time for me to get the yarn.

Another 5 days of waiting (which was harder than those 4 months) and the package is finally, finally, finally here. I ripped the package open and what do I see?



A lovely handbag and 5 skeins of yarn. I chose the colorway, so I knew what I was getting, but I was not prepared for the breathtaking colors and the softness – oh my God, the yarn is so squishingly soft and warm! The photos don’t do justice to the rich colors of this yarn. I am somewhere between the ninth cloud and heaven. Should I end this post by saying ‘And they lived happily ever after’?

On a side note, any suggestions for a cardigan pattern which uses two skeins of lace yarn?

10 thoughts on “I won!”

    1. I am definitely lucky! I haven’t had time for pattern hunting, so may be you can suggest something? Two skeins of lace should be enough for a cardigan for myself, isn’t it? I am planning to make a jacket with that sole skein of yellow-green fingering weight yarn.

  1. wowee! beautiful yarn Anjali! I can so relate to missing packages… I still haven’t got one RAK package posted before my delivery… I have lost all hopes 😦 Congrats on the lovely win!

    1. Don’t even remind me of missing RAK packages. Two years back, some six people sent me packages and only one of them made it home. After that experience, I stopped posting wishes on the RAK group. It’s so unfair that they send yarn and we never get it, so the yarn is lost somewhere. I wish for downloadable patterns and they arrive in email on time.

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